Urine Drug Tests

Urine Drug Tests

Urine Drug Tests are the most common type of test used today and are 99% accurate.

A urine drug test is designed to detect the presence of marijuana in the urine. The test will require that you collect a mid-stream sample of your urine.  By waiting for mid-stream, the urethra will be cleared of any built up toxins and the collection sample will be most accurate. You will then give the test to the provider for analysis.

Before testing, you may be asked to empty your pockets or wear a hospital gown.  This prevents tampering with the specimen. You will then likely be placed in a room with no running water (so you can not dilute the sample).

If the test is positive, it means there is a presence of drugs in your system.  However, there is also the chance of a false-positive, which means the specimen was exposed to an interfering substance, such as a medication you are taking. If you test positive, request a re-test.

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