Weed - Eating Cannabis: Raw Foods and Healthy Highs

As America’s number one leading raw foods chef is about to cultivate a new line of pot infused edibles, and with weed collectives across the country seeding the idea of a healthier alternative to the dumbed down – pot laced snickerdoodle… The time is now  to open our minds to the idea of healthy living through cannabis consumption within a balanced diet – based on raw foods.

I recently read an enlightening article about Juliano Brotman,  a raw cook chef with an elevated sense of culinary imagination. Described by the New York Times as “America’s number one premier raw living chef,” the fact that the story was in a high times magazine had piqued my interest. I constantly find myself on the hunt for new and interesting ways of upgrading the quality of my dietary choices, and this story looked like a good source of information.

Juliano Brotman has been described by many as being a true innovator, a man who has done much to popularize the ‘new aged’ concept of healthy living through raw cuisine consumption. Mr. Brotman is obsessed with the idea that people should learn to live healthy, through the consumption of an organic-based, vegan diet. He first began to cultivate his love for the culinary arts from witnessing his father’s passion for  cooking.

Soon after developing his understanding of the importance of raw food and the health benefits they offer. He began to castoff the old ideals of preparing food for human consumption, by slaughtering an animal and butchering it for its meat. Rather, he opted for creating innovative “raw” recipes by treating the elements with a variation of long-established methods – such as dehydrating, saturating and blending  as a means of crafting dishes that resemble works of art. Exploding – in your mouth and in your mind, with fresh bold flavors.

Juliano proudly shares the outcomes with the hungry Southern California public at his Santa Monica restaurant, aptly named… Planet Raw. One of the most esteemed raw food institutions on the LA culinary scene. And as one might expect, being in Santa Monica California –  soon California’s prop 215 patients will be able  to purchase these pot infused goodies at the Union Collective in Los Angeles.

Mr. Brotman notes that “this new business is important to me because, as a connoisseur, I like being able to choose edibles made with great outdoor organic cannabis – and I also believe there is no reason to cook all of the other ingredients.” One of the primary goals when making a meal based on raw cuisine is that all of the ingredients must be prepared at a temperature that is below 115°F, thereby preserving the beneficial enzymes and nutrients that might otherwise be destroyed at higher temperatures.

One staff member from the Union Collective mentioned “we want the greatest healing potential possible for our patients,” going on to state “a lot of the edibles that are out there, on the collective’s shelves today – are loaded with refined sugar. It’s just one step above candy and the sugar buzz that accompanies it.

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