Amsterdam’s mayor said Wednesday he would formally ban students from smoking marijuana at school, making the Dutch capital the first city in the Netherlands to do so. Eberhard van der Laan’s introduction of a law that in other countries either already exists or seems so obvious it wouldn’t even require a rule is the.. read more →

Medical marijuana users enjoy protection from criminal prosecution under California law — but that’s about it. A medical cannabis patient can be fired solely for using the preferred drug at any time, and any medical marijuana user living in public housing can be evicted at any time. And yes, this applies even in San Francisco… read more →

As America’s number one leading raw foods chef is about to cultivate a new line of pot infused edibles, and with weed collectives across the country seeding the idea of a healthier alternative to the dumbed down – pot laced snickerdoodle… The time is now  to open our minds to the idea of healthy living.. read more →

Soon it will be legal to smoke pot in Colorado — just don’t get caught with it on a college campus. read more →

  Gabriela Cerruti is under fire for pic of marijuana plant she posted on Twitter.A glamorous Argentine politician has sparked outrage after she posted a picture of a marijuana plant in her house on Twitter. read more →